I’ve been slow to update my blog lately. Lots of family issues to take care that have been distracting me, and worse, kind of prevent me from being able to write cheerful posts (which is what I intend to write next, hopefully today or tomorrow). But this is something I wanted to share first:

I always see people measuring their Twitter follower growth using TwitterCounter. In fact, I have done this too in a previous post.

That being said, I recently found out that the TwitterGrader has a much better growth chart. It appears to be virtually real time, much more accurate, and easier to access. Although I highly disagree with their grading algorithm (..which I mentioned here..), their charting method is top notch. In fact, here’s my chart.

Isn’t it interesting? You could tell I tried different approaches in my Twitter follower attraction by the various patterns.

But a picture is worth a thousand words. Just look at the differences between the two charting methods I mentioned:


Chart Using TwitterGrader

Chart Using TwitterGrader

Chart Using TwitterCounter

Chart Using TwitterCounter


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