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A while ago I was approached by Ian Ma, a guy who found me through my blog, and was interested in interviewing me for a Machine Learning community about my Ph.D. work – a project called Mosaic World. I warned Ian: ask an Academic – even an ex-academic – about his work, and don’t be surprised if you’ll get a really long answer.

Since I’ve been asked by several people “really, what is it that you did during your studies?” I thought of combining both. Therefore, I wrote a (very) long post about what I’ve done, in layman’s terms, took bits of it for Ian’s interview and added some bits that were not in my original post (mainly technical aspects). I planned to publish it together with another post, preferably a humorous one, in case I scare some readers away.

After reading my answers, Ian decided to break up my interview to two parts and politely asked me if I could not to publish my post until he publishes both parts of the interview. I’m actually wondering whether I’ll post my version at all, since much of it is the same… perhaps I’ll just do it “for the record” so if anyone ever asks me what I’ve done, I’ll have somewhere to point him at. If I do that, I’ll also post some links to some online movies (some mine, some not) which I think are cool and will help convey the points I make.

Either way, if you’re interested in what I’ve done, my answers to Ian are not very technical (only slightly more than my original version). If there’s any chance that you won’t find this interesting, feel free to skip ahead.

Ian’s interview with me (Part I)

And now, I need to work on that humorous post ;) (which I’ve actually been planning to do for 2 weeks now!)


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