I launched this blog almost a year ago. Even though I’ve been blogging for several years – one of my blogs ranked #1 at a blog network – it was always personal blogs rather than a blog that dealt with a theme and professional matters.

Who am I? My name is Udi. I’m a managing partner of a technology company I founded, U Labs, as well as an internet marketing consultant (and here’s a link to my consulting site which describes the services I provide).

This blog is my voice to the world. I discuss social media, internet marketing (and affiliate marketing), search engine optimization, technology in general, and artificial intelligence specifically. I also discuss everything I find interesting, so be warned :)

A brief description of my background: I worked for several years as a software developer and a team lead at various places, including a large investment bank, a hedge fund, a couple of startups, and a major ivy league university. After doing this for a while, I realized that pure programming isn’t for me. So I went ahead, moved to London, and did a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning – both are sub-fields of computer science. To be more specific, my work focused on biologically inspired computing, in other words, artificial intelligence that’s based on biological principles. There are two blog posts about my work (if you’d like to hear more, just click on the ‘artificial intelligence’ tab above).

Currently I work on applications for the internet marketing/affiliate space (can’t elaborate more on that – in stealth mode) as well as offer consulting services to small businesses and individuals. I also do public speaking on various areas I consider myself an expert on and do personal coaching as well. To read more about these, check my consulting site. You can also read an interview about my work (part 1, part 2) and another interview with me about blogging.

If you feel like sending me a note, please, by all means go ahead – I’d love any and all feedback! My email is udi [at] u-labs.net. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/uschles


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